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Welcome to The Joe Way. This site's gonnna teach you how to do All The Things-The Joe Way!

I get a lot of people asking me, Joe, how do you do that? So, I'm gonna start sharing my secrets with the internet. I'm not saying I'm a genius or anything, but...Here's all my secrets to livin' the American Dream.

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Hunting the Joe Way:

To start with, I think people make hunting out to be a lot more complicated than it really needs to be. I mean, basically what you're talkin' about is a guy gets a stick that goes bang, pointing it at some critter. That's all there is. Walk out in the woods. Wait for a critter. Shoot that critter. Take it home and grill it.

So, I don't mean there's not skill involved. But what my grampy taught me is, having a lot of fancy-ass gear don't make you no sharp shooter.

Here's the no-bull hunting guide for gettin'your game the Joe Way.

Get a good gun. Not a technical one, you don't need that stuff. Just gets in the way. You want to spend your dough on the firestick itself, not all the accessories. Doesn't matter how nice your scope is if the thing won't shoot. Get a big one, one that don't matter if it gets wet, or knocked up a few times.

Get somewhere safe to stow it. No point gettin a good gun if you're gonna let some low life steal it out from you. Get a big lock box. They're pretty much the number one thing you can do for your self esteem. It's like having Fort Knox. Not sure which one to get? Not a problem. View site here to find your next best friend. If you're a parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, and so on, do not forget to store your gun in a secure location at all times to avoid accidents -- particularly child accidents, as what you'll learn from this article:


Use your hunting as an excuse to take a vacation. I use this on my Ma all the time. Oh, shit Ma, can't sit around the house all week, I gotta go up to Michigan. There's the biggest bucks in the world up there. You bring back a nice chunk of venison, nobody tells you twice you gotta hang around doin' nothing. I think this whole staycation business is a load of buckturds. You get a day off, you skip town. It's more fun that way. I mean, you basically know where all the critters hide around your woods. Get your tent together, bring some jerky, and go have an adventure. Like Davy Crockett.

Shoot everything. People spend lots of money on fancy-ass targets, range passes and all sorts of other jackshit. You don't need that. Shoot everything. I mean everything. Line up some cans, shoot that. Hang old cans from a branch, like a gallows. Shoot that to. Best way to practice on a moving target. You get good at cans on a breezy day, you'll bag more 12 pointers than every yuppie with a sniper rifle. 

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